reco Story

Our aspiration is to provide an exceptional interview experience for every candidate we encounter along their job-searching journey. To achieve this, we prioritize the following aspects:

  • Smooth interview scheduling
  • Humanized interview process
  • Valuable learning experience

However, the quality of these factors often depends on the companies you apply to, and unfortunately, not all organizations excel in these areas. Our mission is to drive change and improve the overall interview experience, but we acknowledge that it will require time and effort.

Currently, our approach involves assisting you in preparing effectively for interviews, recognizing that this is not a skill typically utilized in our daily jobs. When you choose to apply through our platform, we become partners in your journey, committed to doing our utmost to help you secure that dream job. Together, we strive for success.

The 3 elements

Essentially, we believe there are 3 elements in getting an offer:

elements to get an offer
  1. Experience & skill (a manipulated variable, but takes time)
  2. Luck (a non-manipulated variable), we didn’t make this up, see How much does luck play a role in cracking a FAANGM interview?
  3. Interview skill (a manipulated variable) by you and us, together

This is why reco was born, to help you close the gap to getting an offer.