Ultimate Prep Guide

We try to put as much effort to help you prepare for tech interviews in Japan, in a humane way. One of them includes our Ultimate Prep Guide, which will be available to you as reco‘s complimentary service once you apply through us.

What you can get from here is a very in-depth interview prep guide to a specific company (sometimes even a specific role). We collect information, interview feedback, and study tips from our past candidates to curate all these guides for you (we hope you can be one of them too someday).

Some of reco’s clients high level interview process

To show you how detailed our ultimate preparation guide could be, please check out public guides below for these companies in Japan.

  1. Indeed
  2. ByteDance

Our list is growing and we’re not planning to slow down.

If you’d like to have full access to our ultimate preparation guides, reach out to us here!